Wednesday, 9 December 2015


CWM World is a big world with high relationships and productive partnerships. Racing cars, motorbikes, boxing events, boat shows, rugby clubs, and football clubs have all had the logo of CWM FX placed over their sporting brands to demonstrate that they are part of the exciting CWM World. Recently, CWM FX reached an interesting deal to become the online forex trading partner of Chelsea football club.

Most of partnerships of the company were made with the Premier League Club of West London and the CWM world invited Carl Frampton at Stamford Bridge for a partnership. Carl Frampton is the IBF World Super Bantamweight boxing champion. The invitation was made at the end of January for the clash against the holder of the title.

Last year, CWM world demonstrated its connections to the boxing sector through a deal made in October with Barry McGuigan. Barry is a boxing legend who is running currently CWM Cyclone Promotions. This enables him to manage Carl Frampton and numerous other boxers.

Anthony Constantinou, CEO of CWM world, with his deputy met Princess Anne on January in London during the CWM FX London Boat Show. His deputy Droste told reporters that the princess has a huge influence in the sailing field and it was wonderful to meet her. He revealed that Constantinou made a generous donation to the Riders for Health foundation that is a charity led by the princess. Therefore, the synergy between the two personalities was admirable since the princess sails also.