Sunday, 20 December 2015


Recently, SV Racing presented CWM World as the new main sponsor for the Renault UK Clio Cup of this year since the latest driver for Renault has been confirmed. AnthonyConstantinou, Chief Executive Officer of CWM World, is involved heavily in sports sponsorship including major deals with renowned football and rugby clubs around the world. Constantinou is also sponsoring Moto GP team. 

The boss of Renault team said that he is absolutely pleased to have CWMWorld as the main sponsor since the group is a leader in the market with a considerable achievement in the sector.

The boss of Renault team revealed that there are important synergies between their tactical motivations and the sporting undertakings operating already under the umbrella of CWM World. The collaboration will bring numerous thrilling opportunities to the two sides. The four cars will have the logo of CWM World stuck on them and the victory is assured by the skilled drivers chosen carefully. 

Ben Seyfried is the second driver of the team and won the Super Mighty Mini three times. In addition, he is also the vice-champion of the Fun Cup. He was crowned in the national platform and has a wide career of racing.

CWM World is always keen to sponsor main events in sports and maritime sectors to contribute to the improvement of these sectors. In addition, the company is also active in the charity field as a valuable contributor in many projects aimed to give the young people opportunities to use their skills for a better future.